Ever since I graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Tournai with distinction in computer graphics… a long time ago… 😉 , I have over 20 years' professional experience, with skills honed in pre-press and packaging with brands such as Coca-Cola Company, Pepsi-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Guylian… before joining the NikitaConcept team.

These collaborations have enabled me to develop a sense of adaptation and understanding of the expectations of my clients and collaborators.

I'd describe myself as a hard worker, assiduous but also demanding of my Mac. 😉

Graphic designer, creative artist, nature lover… in short, an artist in every sense of the word!
A motorcyclist at heart, there's always a machine sleeping in the garage… and a horse in the meadow.
As a lover of nature, I'm quick to get excited about a blade of grass or a butterfly taking flight, which I take the time to admire, much to my wife's chagrin!

Both at work and at home, I'm a gourmand 😇 of life and of everything that's good to eat and drink!

The other me