Jérémy DE BELS

Administrator - Studio Manager

Graphic designer for over 18 years.
Graduated in Graphic and Space Art - Advertising option from Saint-Luc Brussels
I continued my training in a number of Brussels advertising agencies.

For more than 15 years, Trenker Pharmaceutical Laboratories trusted me as a graphic designer and marketing assistant.

In 2021, a new adventure began at Nikita concept.
Together with the team, I attach great importance to preparing graphic files that meet all the requirements of pre-press and the web.

All the while keeping a cup of coffee and some sweets handy, essential for my concentration :)

The Roost - the Roost - the Roost is on fire !

As a child, I was a big fan of Jean-Jacques Goldman!
Yes, that's not very rock!
But it was Goldman who inspired me to take up the guitar.

After training at an academy and studying classical music, I discovered rock and electric guitar when I was a teenager. It was a real revelation.

After experimenting and setting up a number of bands, including Chili KumQuat and Melchior, it's in The Roost that I'm currently blossoming as a guitarist/arranger/composer!
After a first album and a few radio appearances. I'm still just as passionate about composing and sharing my music on stage.

See you soon for a concert?

The other me