Creator and manager

During his 30 years at the helm of Nikita concept, Philippe has been through all kinds of work and briefings! Where was the time to make a poster, we took almost a week …

His secret? Remaining attentive and acting as a real interface between the customer and the Nikita team.

Why did you name your company Nikita? As the father of 2 daughters (and now also the grandfather of 3 granddaughters), he could never get the name Nikita accepted…
So he made it the name of his company. And it's the most turbulent of all!

Passionate about diving

Philippe is a diving instructor with a passion for everything to do with the seabed.
What could be more natural than for him to dive wherever possible?

Warm seas, cold seas, zealand, quarries, lakes or dams, from a zodiac, a boat or the edge of the rocks, Philippe has extensive experience in this field

But his favourite activity is diving cruises to see sharks or manta rays!

The other me