Pierre-Yves GILLIS

Artwork designer

I have a bachelor's degree in "Graphic Design with DTP orientation" from Albert Jacquard in Namur (2011). I have a "Frontend Designer" specialisation from CEPREGRA in Gosselies (2012) and a "Digital Marketing" specialisation from Google (2017).

After several internships in agencies in Brussels and Namur, I diversified my skills in the service of design.
I then joined the Trenker laboratories for 10 years. I've continued to train and keep up to date over the years.

I now help other laboratories to produce materials or supports for their products.
I'm available for companies looking to stand out from the crowd and create high-quality customised products. All in a top agency with 30 years' experience: Nikita concept.

Light is right !

I'm an undeniable fan of Colin Chapman's Lotus racing cars.
I love the world of Lotus whether in F1, GP3, Le Mans and currently in LotusCup.
I've been driving a Lotus Elise CR since 2014 and I take part in rallies, discussions on Forums, exchanges of anecdotes about the marque, etc.

My passion began when I was very young during a trip to the south of France where I saw my 1st yellow Lotus Elise S1 in front of the Mediterranean Sea. A real love affair was born.

Photo attached: I'm standing next to Robin Nilsson's car at the Lotus Cup (2018) on the most beautiful circuit in the world, Spa-Francorchamps!

The other me