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Would you like to?

Over and above the cutting-edge skills and techniques that are essential these days, only a close, personal relationship can enable a genuine dialogue to take place.
What’s more, because each request is specific, each requires a specialist.

Nikita Concept is a manager, an organiser of these multiple skills…

Printing: print communication: professional healthcare documents, visual aids, posters, branding, logos, mailings, brochures, advertising, leaflets, etc.

Point-of-sale displays: we design point-of-sale displays in the image of your products to help you stand out in shops or pharmacies. In all formats and sizes. (Contour displays, floor displays, totem poles, signs, folder doors, etc.).

Packaging: from modification to creation. Attractive packaging to stand out from the competition.

Creative: product launches, brand image, packaging, direct-to-consumer campaigns, professional health campaigns, disease awareness, prevention, video, 3D, animation, photography, etc.

Digital: e-mailings, website creation, video, SEO/SEA, computer graphics, social media, community management, etc.

Video: creation of mini web videos or pharmacy showcases.

Photography: studio photography, event photography, photo retouching, etc.

Events: conferences, stands, events, incentives, etc.

Content: SEO-related web content writing, website content, etc.

Our mission?
To help you meet your challenges.

That’s why we always give priority to interviews, because nothing can replace human contact.
So don’t hesitate: a 10-minute meeting is better than an explanation by e-mail.

The result?

  • Direct contact and rapid solutions
  • A pragmatic response
  • Total budget transparency
  • A human relationship
  • All-in-one solution